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Our Food Philosophy

Anyone who has visited Vietnam will be aware of the the "Street Food Culture" that exist throughout the country. From the hawkers that walk the street selling delicious snacks like Trứng Cút (quail eggs), Bánh Tráng Mè (sesame rice crackers) or pushing their trolleys complete with an in built fire selling Chuối Chiên (Bannana fritters) or Khoai Lang Chiên (fried sweet potato). To the highways lined with vendors selling Thịt Heo Quay, Vịt Quay and Thịt Gà Nướng (roast pork, duck and chicken) to the small carts set up outside markets and street corners selling Bánh Mì (bread with all sorts of delicious fillings), Nước Mía (sugar cane juice) and the small home restaurants that verge out on to the streets selling favourites like Phở, Bún Bò HuếMì Hoành Thánh and Bò Kho.

At Noos Noodles we endeavour to bring this "Street Food Culture" to you. Our goal is to provide an authentic Vietnamese flavour so all our dishes are based on original Vietnamese recipes.

We invite you to try  "Noo's Authentic Vietnam Street Food"

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